Extending your laptop battery life!

Everyone of us who have used a laptop always hope our laptop battery to last forever :-P. So how do you pro-long your laptop battery lifespan? This have everything to do with “battery memory effect”.

Memory effect on batteries is not something you can prevent but by understanding how this phenomenon happen would be able to give you some “insight” as to our question. All cells that is able to store energy, gradually looses their maximum energy capacity (storage) if they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. The battery appears to “remember” the smaller capacity. Removal of battery when laptop is on power will help prolong battery life (by simply not using), but modern laptops today have a controller chip that is able to sense when the battery is fully charge and goes into trickle charge.

This are a few steps that will help to prolong your battery life span (any devices):

  1. Always consume the battery until the last 1-5% before charging.
  2. Whenever you start a “charge”, always charge it to “full” before unplugging (this will be difficult).
  3. The moment you are on “battery mode”, maintain this mode until Rule 1 is satisfied.
  4. Do not charge your devices at any stage other than Rule 1.
  5. Do not over-discharge your battery as well.

Additional tip for laptop users, go to power management and configure maximum processor utilization on battery to 20-25% of the processor capability. This will ensure your laptop battery does not drain out too quickly as it deteriorates overtime.