Privacy and what is it worth to you?

How much do you value your privacy? What is privacy to you? With more things being on social media and interconnected yet accessible from the internet, end users today have taken their personal privacy for granted. Here are some tips and tricks to increase protection on your personal information from being accessed.

  1. Never have just ONE (1) account to rule them all. Create several account with each having its purpose.
  2. Read and understand “terms and conditions” of FREE website usage.
  3. Be alert and careful when you are asked about VERY personal information such as phone numbers, identification, address, etc.
  4. Be calm and collected. Most tactics are “emotionally” engineered to rock your emotions. Whenever in doubt, take 5 minutes off to think and recollect. Never act “emotionally”.
  5. There is no free lunch  :mrgreen:  Everything that is FREE have something attached.
  6. Be paranoid. Information released to the public domain … is VERY difficult to retract. Eg: viral videos, etc.

I’m sure there are more tips, but these are the very few that I can think off.